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Alpine herbs & Stem Cells of Edelweiss

Undisputed leader in foot and hand care

From the Swiss research comes a new beauty treatment for the hands and feet that combines the most advanced innovative cosmetic technologies with very precious vegetal natural active ingredients of salt crystals, medicinal herbs and alpine plants. 


A new wellness ritual, an extraordinary sensorial journey into the colours and the reflexes of the purest and uncontaminated nature while body and mind are enveloped by extraordinary and suggestive balsamic fragrances.


All Mavex products do NOT contain parabens, formaldehyde or paraffin. They are manufactured in the full respect of the environment and of nature, in compliance with strict quality standards. 

Anti Dark Spots hand treatment

with Stem Cells of Edelweiss

Profressional Care for your feet

with Alpine Herbs

Removes cracked hard and 

calloused skin simply and rapidly

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