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What We Do

Raising the bar

Painted Nail Bar offers gel and acrylic nail services, cuticle care, nail enhancements, and even a package for the little ones. Our signature nail treatments include shaping your nails, nourishing your cuticles with vitamin-rich blends, and finish off with a natural buff or polish of your choice. All while sipping cool thirst quenchers – tea, lemongrass, coffee or water. 

The Maximal

Shape. Cuticle Care. Massage. Polish. Quick Dry. Cuticle Oil. Foot soak & scrub (pedi only)

$35 Classic Mani

$50 Classic Pedi

The Gel
Party Hard

Shape. Cuticle Care. Massage. Gel Polish. Cuticle Oil. Foot soak & scrub (pedi only)

$75 Gel Mani

$95 Gel Pedi

The Quickie

Shape. Polish.

Quick Dry. Cuticle Oil. 

$20 Express Mani

$25 Express Pedi

The Prolonged Gel Quickie

Shape. Gel Polish.

Cuticle Oil. 

$55 Express Gel Mani

$70 Express Gel Pedi

Pamper Me Silly Spa

The Luxurious Spa Pampering

The Mani/Pedi and beyond. Scrub. Masque. Extended Massage. Renew skin and revitalise tired feet with the organic and natural BCL Spa. Fortify nails with Nail Tek strengthener base coat.

$75 Spa Mani

$100 Spa Pedi

Mini Me
(under 12 years old)

$10 Organic Mani

$10 Organic Pedi

The Bar Insider

This is the best deal!

It's like happy hour all day long. 

Cheers ;-)

Buy $888


Get an extra



2018-12-31 03.47.32 pm.png

Swiss Alpine Spa Treatment

Mavex Feet Spa Treatment

Mavex Hand Spa Treatment

Alpine Herbs Foot Spa treatment

with medicinal herbs salt crystalsand alpine plants

& Classi c Pedicure


Anti Dark Spots Hand Treatment
with Stem Cells of Edelweiss

& Classic Manicure


Basics and Add-ons

Gel Service                        $35

Bio Sculpture Base           $25

Evo Gel                              $5

Quickie Polish                   $15

French Polish                    $20 

Glitter Polish                     $15 & up

Gel Soak Off                     $20

Acrylic Removal                $50

Extensions Removal         $50

Basics and Add-ons

Nail Shaping                    $10

Nail Treatment                 $20

Callus Treatment              $35

Mavex Calluspeeling       $55

Intensive Collagen

Hand Treatment               $30

   (with scrub + UV Protection)

Basics and Add-ons

Cuticle Care               $12

Men's Surcharge        $5

Nail Art                       $5 per nail & up

Crystals                       $1 & up

Gel Tip Extensions    $175

Gel Extensions Infill   $215

Quality Matters

At Painted Nail Bar, nails are polished to perfection with our quality nail care services. We use world renown best in quality products that are durable and long lasting. Click here to return to main page.

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