What We Do

Raising the bar

Painted Nail Bar offers gel and acrylic nail services, cuticle care, nail enhancements, and even a package for the little ones. Our signature nail treatments include shaping your nails, nourishing your cuticles with vitamin-rich blends, and finish off with a natural buff or polish of your choice. All while sipping cool thirst quenchers – tea, lemongrass, coffee or water. 

The Maximal

Shape. Cuticle Care. Massage. Polish. Quick Dry. Cuticle Oil. Foot soak & scrub (pedi only)

$33 Classic Mani

$50 Classic Pedi

The Gel
Party Hard

Shape. Cuticle Care. Massage. Gel Polish. Cuticle Oil. Foot soak & scrub (pedi only)

$68 Gel Mani

$95 Gel Pedi

The Quickie

Shape. Polish.

Quick Dry. Cuticle Oil. 

$20 Express Mani

$25 Express Pedi

The Prolonged Gel Quickie

Shape. Gel Polish.

Cuticle Oil. 

$55 Express Gel Mani

$67 Express Gel Pedi

Pamper Me Silly Spa

The Luxurious Spa Pampering

The Mani/Pedi and beyond. Scrub. Masque. Extended Massage. Renew skin and revitalise tired feet with the organic and natural BCL Spa. Fortify nails with Nail Tek strengthener base coat.

$70 Spa Mani

$95 Spa Pedi

Mini Me
(under 12 years old)

$10 Organic Mani

$10 Organic Pedi

The Bar Insider

This is the best deal!

It's like happy hour all day long. 

Cheers ;-)

Buy $600


Get an extra



2018-12-31 03.47.32 pm.png

Swiss Alpine Spa Treatment

Mavex Feet Spa Treatment

Mavex Hand Spa Treatment

Alpine Herbs Foot Spa treatment

with medicinal herbs salt crystalsand alpine plants

& Classi c Pedicure


Anti Dark Spots Hand Treatment
with Stem Cells of Edelweiss

& Classic Manicure


Basics and Add-ons

Gel Service                        $30

Bio Sculpture Base           $20

Evo Gel                              $10

Quickie Polish                   $15

French Polish                    $20 

Glitter Polish                     $15 & up

Gel Soak Off                     $20

Acrylic Removal                $30

Extensions Removal         $40

Basics and Add-ons

Nail Shaping                    $10

Foot Soak                         $5

Hand / Foot Scrub           $10 

Nail Treatment                 $20

Callus Treatment              $25

Mavex Calluspeeling       $55

Intensive Collagen

Hand Treatment               $30

   (with scrub + UV Protection)

Basics and Add-ons

Cuticle Care               $12

Men's Surcharge        $5

Nail Art                       $5 per nail & up

Crystals                       $1 & up

Gel Tip Extensions    $173

Gel Extensions Infill   $208

Quality Matters

At Painted Nail Bar, nails are polished to perfection with our quality nail care services. We only use the best of